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Memorial Jewelry for Women

Personalized Memorial Jewelry for Women, available in Silver and Gold. Our personalized line of memorial jewelry for women is a collection of memorial jewelry engraved with the names, birth dates, and symbols of lost loved ones. We create customized Memorial Bracelets, Necklaces and Charms.

Some of the more popular items include Memorial Tear Jewelry, which is our simple tear drop charm on a chain. The gold memorial tear drop necklace is a nice piece to represent miscarriage or infant loss as it is a subtle and modern shape that can be filled with meaning for the wearer, but is not necessarily obvious as a piece of memorial jewelry. Sometimes you may not want to discuss the meaning of the piece of jewelry, but you want to carry it close to your heart all the time.You can add the Memorial Tear Drop Charm to any necklace or bracelet. We also have a wide variety of personalized memorial pendants that you can add names and dates to, then add them to chains or bracelets to create memorial jewelry for loss of a husband or memorial jewelry for loss of mother. Remembrance jewelry can be created as a way to carry the memory of your lost loved ones where ever you go.
  1. Sterling Silver Personalized Angel's Wing Charm - Luxe Design Jewellery
  2. Sterling Personalized LOVED FOREVER Memorial Bracelet - Luxe Design Jewellery
  3. 14 Karat Solid Gold Cat Nose Impression Pendant from your own Cat's Nose - Luxe Design Jewellery
  4. Cylinder Urn Pendant for Cremation Ashes Sterling Silver Matte - Luxe Design Jewellery
  5. Your Handwriting on a Silver Wide Rectangle Pendant - Luxe Design Jewellery
  6. Silver Personalized Dog Nose Impression Pendant Medium - Luxe Design Jewellery
  7. Silver Always in My Heart Personalized Memorial Charm - Luxe Design Jewellery
  8. Organic Shaped Fingerprint Pendant from Flat Ink Print - Luxe Design Jewellery