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Always in My Heart Memorial Name Necklace

  • $69.00
Charm: 20mm L x 15mm W
Solid Sterling Silver
Oxidized and Matte Finished
Sterling Silver Ball Chain, 18"

Always in My Heart Memorial Name Necklace

Personalize this silver memorial necklace with the name of someone you love. The circle reads ALWAYS IN MY HEART, and fits a name up to 7 characters long in our large font. If you have a longer name, we can enter it using our smaller font, which is the same size as the lettering around the edge. If you want the small font, just enter the name you want in "Additional Comments" and that you need the small font. This necklace also has a small silver heart charm to represent love. Create a necklace in memory of your lost child, parent, or friend and keep them close to your heart.

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