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Gold and Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

Create a beautiful, meaningful keepsake piece of jewellery with the fingerprint of your loved one. There are two ways to make fingerprint jewellery. One is from a flat ink print, and one is using our kits where you take an impression with our wax compound. For the flat prints, you send us a finger print via email, and for the kits, we send you a personalized kit with complete, foolproof instructions. Click the products for full details.
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About our Kits:
What is fingerprint jewellery?
We create silver fingerprint pendants and gold fingerprint pendants from an impression that you take of your child's actual fingerprint. Or, create a keepsake of your parent. Fingerprint jewelry is a very meaningful memorial item.

How do you make fingerprint jewellery? Purchase one of our kits and we send you complete instructions and our special wax compound to create cuff links, pendants and key rings. Warm the wax, take the impression and return it to us with a prepaid shipping label and we create sterling silver or gold fingerprint jewelry that is deeply personal and meaningful. Although it is very simple to use, you may re-use the waxes as many times as you like to get the perfect print, and we include 3 pieces for you to work with.

We have different fingerprint kits depending on what options you want. Create fingerprint necklaces, bracelets, key rings, cuff links or a ring with your fingerprint impression. You can also add birthstones directly to the pendants, choose to have your impression cast in gold or silver, and have us add your fingerprint pendant to a necklace chain, or create a charm bracelet. Choose the kit that is right for you.

Keep your loved one right next to your heart, preserve a tiny precious print in gold, or give the kit as a gift to a new mom. Purchase a kit and create the fingerprint jewellery yourself. Or, give the kit itself as a gift, and the recipient can create the impressions and send them to us any time. The kit will never go stale, it is always ready to use. Create gorgeous thumbprint jewellery as well. Babies impressions are very faint, but make a perfectly small little dimple, that preserves their precious, tiny impression forever.

What makes a good impression? We will cast what ever you send us, and simply polish the edges and back so we preserve the delicate impression. If you like the result in wax, then send it! That is basically how it will look in metal. Fingerprint and thumbprint pendants are soft, natural, and beautifully wearable pieces and are meant to represent the organic, living impression of the person who did the print, so the soft shapes and tiny blemishes add to the character of the piece.

The basic prices are shown below, but you can create multiple fingerprints of a single person, or of several people, just select how many fingerprint impression charms or pendants that you need from the drop down menu,

Further personalize your fingerprint jewelry by creating a charm bracelet using all the fingerprint charms of your family, or add genuine diamonds or birthstones to the fingerprint pendant.

These fingerprint charms in silver and gold are beautiful, organic shapes. The soft, round pendant is such a nice, comforting piece to wear and the resulting jewellery is elegant and subtle. Although the wax impression may seem light, once cast into solid silver or gold, the pendants are substantial and are the ideal weight and thickness for a pendant. The jewellery itself is beautiful, and the fact that it is created from your loved one's print makes it deeply meaningful. Personalized fingerprint jewellery is a thoughtful gift and a cherished keepsake.