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Nose and Paw Print Jewellery

Featuring Dog Paw Print Jewelry, Cat Paw Print Jewelry. and Dog Nose print Jewelry. 

This collection features three ways to create unique and interesting jewelry to honor and memorialize a pet with paw print jewellery, and nose print jewellery. 

  1. One way to create paw print and nose print jewellery using your own pet's nose print or paw print is to send us your photo by email. You can send a photo of a nose or paw. You can even send us a photo of a nose print on paper, a paw print on paper, a photo of a ceramic nose impression mold or a ceramic paw impression mold. 
  2. If you don't have a photo to share. we also can make these using a standard cat or dog paw or nose print, 
  3. Lastly, we offer some paw print jewellery that features a paw print symbol. This is a sweet way to gift a pet lover with a piece of jewelry that symbolizes and celebrates the love of a cat or dog.

Looking for our 3D Dog and Cat Nose Impression Jewelry? See it here.

  1. Your Dog's Nose Print Pendant - Luxe Design Jewellery
  2. Your Dog's or Cat's Paw Print Heart in Solid 14 Karat Gold. Email us your print! - Luxe Design Jewellery
  3. Modern Angel Wing, Personalized Paw and Gem Bead Necklace in Solid 14 Karat Yellow Gold - Luxe Design Jewellery
  4. Feathered Angel Wing and Personalized Paw Necklace in Solid 14 Karat Yellow Gold - Luxe Design Jewellery
  5. Your Dog's or Cat's Actual Paw Print Large Pendant - Luxe Design Jewellery
  6. Small Framed Dog or Cat Paw Circle Pendant - Luxe Design Jewellery