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This collection of personalized jewelry is designed to help you choose the perfect gift for yourself, or someone you love. We have provided a full range of finished personalized necklaces and bracelets to which you can simply add your own names, words or dates.

Our most popular personalized jewelry is our mothers name jewelry featuring childrenís names on our sterling silver or gold personalized necklaces. From simple sterling silver hearts personalized with a single name, to each family memberís name on a necklace, we have the perfect personalized gifts for mom. Choose one of the finished personalized necklaces or bracelets and then enter the name and/or date.

This collection of personalized jewelry is designed to make it easier to purchase. We have chosen popular combinations of personalized charms, symbolic charms, and sayings to help you purchase the perfect gift for your sister, mother, best friend or spouse.The best length, chain, and combinations are shown to make sure the wearer will love their personalized jewelry.

Special occasions such as birth dates, anniversaries, and dates to commemorate the birth and passing of a loved one are among the choices here. Personalized gifts to recognize religious celebrations are also popular. Sterling Baptism Baby Bracelets, Personalized Christening jewelry, and Bat Mitzvah gifts of personalized jewelry are among the possibilities. Simply choose a necklace or bracelet and personalize it by selecting an initial or gemstone color from the drop down menu.

We also have a section to help men buy the perfect personalized jewelry for women, to help take the guesswork out of what to get her on Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries.

We also offer a selection of personalized memorial jewelry including memorial jewelry for women, children and men, as well as pet memorial jewelry. Contact Luxe Design for more information on Hand Stamped Personalized Jewellery:

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