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Personalized For Mom

Celebrate Moms and Mother's Day with our exquisite collection of fingerprint jewelry, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces, crafted in both sterling silver and luxurious solid 14 Karat gold. Each piece is lovingly handmade, offering a unique and personalized touch by capturing your child's own fingerprints. Or for dog or cat moms, choose jewelry with her pet's own paw prints. Elevate your Mother's Day gifting with our timeless pieces that symbolize love, family, motherhood, connection, and cherished memories.
  1. Small Size Solid 14 Karat Gold Family Fingerprints Inline Bracelet - Add 1 - 5 Fingerprints - Luxe Design Jewellery
  2. Personalized Flying Bird Charm in Solid 14 Karat Gold - Luxe Design Jewellery
  3. Two Fingerprint Drop Necklace on Large Cable Chain - Luxe Design Jewellery
  4. Family Fingerprints Inline Bracelet in Solid Silver - Add 1 - 5 Fingerprints - Luxe Design Jewellery
  5. Family Fingerprints Impression Necklace - Add 1 - 5 Fingerprint Charms for Each Family Member - Luxe Design Jewellery
  6. Rectangle Live Fingerprint Impression Pendant 1.5 inch in Sterling Silver - add 1-4 prints - Luxe Design Jewellery