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About Joanne Hart and Luxe Design Jewellery


We aspire to create jewellery that allows the wearer to express their deepest emotions through our hand made personalized jewellery. 

Our pieces move beyond accessories and decoration to become symbols of  who and what you cherish the most in life. 

Our customers are really our co-creators and collaborators. We receive images of loved ones' finger prints, love poems and precious paw prints and turn them into personalized gold and silver jewellery that captures the essence of the best things in your life. 

At their very best, these objects are physical touchstones that symbolize deeply personal experiences that define us, but that are private and transcend words. The jewellery is something you can touch and see, but actually connects us to people or emotions that exist beyond the physical. 

Simpler pieces like smiling cat charms are happy symbols of joy or family. Pearls and soft organic shapes honor the beauty of the earth and her elements; petals, feathers, leaves and stones. These become symbols whose meaning comes from the intention of the wearer. 

Joanne's constant endeavor is to express through her designs the profound beauty found in the simplicity of everyday moments, and then to allow you to add your personal details to the symbols and designs that resonate with you. Curate your own deeply meaningful charm bracelet or necklace and create your own signature pieces. 

We hope each piece of Luxe Design Jewellery, from the simplest pair of earrings to the heart shaped urn filled with your loved one's ashes, conveys the warmth and intention of being hand made. These pieces are not mass produced by the thousand but are individually made in our studio to your specifications. There is time and care put into each piece. 

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us! There is no Luxe Design Jewellery with out you. 

Joanne Hart Luxe Design

Joanne Hart is the founder and designer behind Luxe Design. Before studying jewellery design, Joanne completed a degree in sculpture at the University of Calgary. After moving to Vancouver she completed the Jewellery Art and Design program at the Vancouver Community College and created Luxe Design Jewellery in 1995. Joanne has been making jewellery since she was a child and has always been obsessed with symbolism, tiny exquisite details, and the meaning of life. Luxe Design is really a reflection of Joanne's life and as such it has changed and evolved in many ways over the years.

Joanne is married and her family currently includes two children, one cat and one dog.

Luxe Design was started in 1995 as a wholesale line sold through boutiques and department stores. Jewellery hand made in 14 Karat Gold and Sterling Silver was inspired by art, travel, nature and urban life. Innovations in jewellery technology combined with earthy textures and traditional goldsmith's techniques create the foundation for the unique look and feel of Luxe Design Jewellery.

JEWELLERY THAT TELLS YOUR STORY - Years before jewellery stamps were easily purchased, Joanne collected an alphabet from the Boeing airplane factory sale and created a line of hand stamped jewellery with beautiful sayings from ancient proverbs. Customers immediately wanted those pieces personalized and the online collection of personalized jewelry has evolved from there. This collection is deeply personal and meaningful because our clients put their heart into the pieces they design and collect. You can design every detail of your totally unique jewellery; from the style and length of chain, to each charm, gemstone, name and symbol. This jewellery becomes the piece that allows the wearer to express their deepest emotions which are often difficult to express in other ways.

MEMORIAL JEWELLERY - The memorial jewellery Joanne creates is a truly special and meaningful collection. Much of these designs have evolved in an effort to serve the needs of our clients. It is an incredible honor to be able to create pieces that connect the living to those who have passed over. Names, drawings, fingerprints, handwriting, paw prints and ashes are some of the inspiration Joanne uses to create a physical reminder of a loved one. These deeply personal pieces often become the one piece of jewellery the wearer never takes off. Each original urn we offer is our unique design and is made by hand.

AMULETS & SPIRITUAL JEWELLERY - Joanne has always been drawn to the mystery and myth of symbolism and the way these symbols allow the wearer to express subtle ideas and passions that exist beyond language.

WHOLESALE - We are currently not offering wholesale pricing.

Luxe Design jewellery is made from solid sterling silver or 14 Karat Yellow Gold, unless otherwise noted. Each piece is trademarked and stamped with our trademark stamp as well as a quality stamp, guaranteeing the authenticity of the metal from which it was made. Measurements are metric.

The majority of our pieces are oxidized and matte finished. This finish brings out the detail of words in the best way and is part of our signature look. Over time the matte finish takes on a shinier patina but the matte finish can be easily restored. However, if you prefer a shiny finish, we are happy to do that by request at no additional cost.

All of the Luxe Design Jewellery pieces are designed, hand made and finished in Vancouver, BC, Canada.