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What's The Difference Between Live Fingerprint and Digital Fingerprint Jewelry? - Luxe Design Jewellery

What's The Difference Between Live Fingerprint and Digital Fingerprint Jewelry?

Fingerprint Jewellery From Live Print

  • Live fingerprint jewelry is made by taking an actual fingerprint impression of the wearer in person and using it to create a unique piece of jewelry.
  • Typically used to capture the fingerprint impressions of children at various stages in life.
  • Often used to capture the impression of an elderly person nearing the end of life.
  • When Live Print Fingerprint Jewellery is ordered, you get a kit and have to make the impression yourself from a live person.
  • You are responsible for sending the impression back to us which we make into jewellery. 


Live fingerprint jewelry is a personalized and sentimental option, as it captures the unique characteristics of the wearer's fingerprint at a particular moment in time and is made from the actual piece that the person touched.

Fingerprint Jewelry from live print

Fingerprint Jewellery From Digital Print

  • Digital Fingerprint Jewellery can be created by any image of a fingerprint that can be emailed.
  • We cannot create fingerprint jewellery from a photo of a finger.
  • Digital fingerprint jewellery can be made with pencil and paper, an ink pad, or by using a digital scan or image of the wearer's fingerprint to create a piece of jewelry.
  • You can scan or photograph any fingerprint image you have and email it to us and we can create fingerprint jewellery from that.
  • Digital fingerprint jewellery is typically created from the fingerprint of a deceased loved one.
  • Funeral homes often take a fingerprint of your loved one that can be emailed.
  • Digital fingerprint jewellery can be a more convenient option, as you do not have to make an impression with a kit.
  • Digital fingerprint jewellery has a slightly different look depending on the quality of image you email to us. We can work with whatever you send but results vary.
  • The best images for creating digital fingerprint jewellery are brightly lit, have a sharp focus, have strong distinctions between black and white and have a large file size.

Fingerprint Jewellery From Digital Image


Organic looking gold fingerprint necklace from digital image


Flat gold oval fingerprint pendant from digital image

With fingerprint jewellery made from a digital image we can make many different styles of jewellery but our most popular options are the organic looking ones where we make the digital images look like natural, live impressions. 


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