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Luxe Design - Personalized Online Jewelry Store

We are web only and not open to the public however if you need a consultation please do not hesitate to contact Joanne by phone or email. We are a busy shop and you will likely get a quicker reply via email. 

Phone: 604.602.1921
Toll Free: 1.866.576.7830

Joanne Hart Luxe Design

Joanne Hart is the founder and designer behind Luxe Design. Before studying jewellery design, Joanne completed a degree in sculpture at the University of Calgary. After moving to Vancouver she completed the Jewellery Art and Design program at the Vancouver Community College and created Luxe Design Jewellery in 1995. Joanne has been making jewellery since she was a child and has always been obsessed with symbolism, tiny exquisite details, and the meaning of life. Luxe Design is really a reflection of Joanne's life and as such it has changed and evolved in many ways over the years.

All of the Luxe Design Jewellery pieces are designed, hand made and finished in Vancouver, BC, Canada.