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How to Make Kisses To Keep Forever - Luxe Design Jewellery

How to Make Kisses To Keep Forever

We make your kisses last forever! Send a kiss to a lover, or keep your wee babe's sweet tiny kisses with you wherever you go. You can keep Mom's forehead kisses even when she is gone. These kiss print pendants are totally unique, one of a kind jewellery made from your very own kisses. Here's how to make your own kiss print jewellery.

1. Put on your deepest, darkest lipstick.

woman putting on lipstick

2. Pucker up and kiss kiss kiss a clean, flat, white piece of paper.

lip  prints


3. Choose your favorite kiss print.


kiss print

We want lots of high contrast with blank spaces.

4. Take a brightly lit, sharply focused photo.

taking a photo with iphone

5. Order your favorite size of pendant.

ordering online

6. When you get your order confirmation, reply to it and attach a big image of your kiss.

uploading a photo

7. Wait for your kiss to be immortalized in sterling silver or solid 14k gold.

a woman waits for kiss print jewelry

8. Open your package!

box opening with confetti with kiss print

9. Enjoy your beautiful jewels!

In the realm of fashion, lips hold a profound symbolic significance, acting as a focal point for self-expression and sensuality. The color, shape, and texture of lips can convey a myriad of emotions and cultural messages, reflecting societal ideals and beauty standards.

Throughout history, the application of lip color has been used to communicate social status, identity, and even rebellion. Red lips, for instance, have often been associated with passion and confidence, while softer shades may evoke a sense of innocence or purity.

The emphasis on lips in fashion serves as a canvas for individuality and empowerment, allowing individuals to assert their personality and assert their unique style.

In folklore and mythology, lips also carry symbolic weight, often representing a bridge between the spoken word and the mystical realm.

In various cultures, the act of sealing one's lips or the presence of magical lips is linked to the power of silence or secrecy, emphasizing the importance of discretion and the hidden depths of knowledge.

On the other hand, tales of enchanted kisses, such as those found in fairy tales, underscore the transformative power of love and connection.

Lips, in folklore, become a conduit for the expression of emotions, magic, and the profound impact of human relationships, weaving a tapestry of symbolic meaning that transcends the physicality of this facial feature.

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