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Sterling Silver Lockets

Add photographs, locks of hair or fur, or ashes to our collection of solid sterling silver locket pendants, locket charms, and locket necklaces. Sterling Silver Charm Locket pendants are available separately or choose from our variety of silver chains. Create a sterling silver photo locket necklace by adding up to two photos on the inside. 

Memorial Lockets for Loved One’s Ashes: We can transform any locket into a piece of meaningful memorial jewellery in two ways. Urn Locket Necklaces You can simply purchase these sterling silver locket pendants and add ashes from your loved ones to the inside of the pendant, then secure it from opening again by sealing the edge with crazy glue.

Cremation Lockets: We have also developed locket jewelry to hold cremated remains. You can send us a small amount of ashes and we permanently seal them inside half of the locket. Add a photo to the other side to create a beautiful memorial locket necklace honoring your loved one.

Personalized Sterling Silver Locket Necklace: Our personalized locket jewelry can be engraved on the inside our outside of the plain lockets at an additional cost.

Pet Urn Jewelry Locket: Our pets are our family. Any of our sterling silver charm lockets and necklaces are designed to hold pet ashes or fur trimmings.

  1. Sterling Silver Oval Locket Pendant - Luxe Design Jewellery
  2. Sterling Silver Rectangle Locket - Luxe Design Jewellery
  3. Large Sterling Silver Heart Locket - Luxe Design Jewellery
  4. Large Round Sterling Silver Locket - Luxe Design Jewellery
  5. Sterling Silver Heart Locket Pendant - Luxe Design Jewellery
  6. Sterling Silver Large Chunky Locket Bracelet - Luxe Design Jewellery