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Tips on Ordering

Tips and Ideas for telling your story with personalized Luxe Design Jewellery.


The first thing to do is to decide on what you want to have on your Luxe jewellery. Most people start with an inspirational saying or personal affirmation, children’s or pets’ names, or a special date. Then, count out how many characters, (including spaces) that you will need. This determines which customizable charm you can choose.


Take a browse through all of our gold charms and beads, or silver charms and beads. Each item can be ordered separately. Start with the main charm you like, then choose additional charms and then a chain or bracelet that will compliment the pieces you have chosen. 

Check out our Instagram. We have a gallery with tons of our customers’ awesome designs. The possibilites are endless when you can add handwriting, drawings, personalization and fingerprints to your jewellery, so follow @luxedesignjewellery to see interesting combinations as well as new collections.

There is a lot of inspiration there and you can get an idea of how the charms look in various combinations.

Check out our IDEAS and INSPIRATION page. We have put together sayings about friendship, love, sisters, mothers, adoption, twins, you name it. There are affirmations, proverbs and single words that we recommend for specific charms. You can choose from these, or, of course, make up one of your own.


There are so many things to choose from, and so many ways to put them together. Some people absolutely adore being able to have so much freedom and control when designing their pieces, and others are totally overwhelmed. If you are in the second category, let us suggest this:

  • Sterling Silver Personalized Open Circle Charm. This is a nice size for a centerpiece charm. Personalize it with FOLLOW YOUR HEART in Large Font. That pretty much covers it.
  • Sterling Silver Baby Lowercase Letter Charm. Choose the initial of your favorite being. Then add their birth year or the day you met.

  • Small Sterling Silver Turquoise Quartz gemstone bead. Don’t worry about what this gemstone means, its pretty. It’s our most loved (and purchased) color. If you are getting a necklace for someone else, but you are worried that (s)he won’t like the color of her actual birthstone, choose this color. Or for a more subtle and classic look, choose a white pearl. Get them something pretty they want to wear.

  • Sterling Silver 1mm Cable Chain, 18" It is our best selling, best length, totally wearable chain and the finish goes with both shiny and matte finish charms. 

Okay, this is just a suggestion. Now you can go ahead and change everything!


You can just fill out the personalization details and leave the layout up to us. We always choose the best layout for the personalization, and for the layout of the charms. If you want more help, just email us.



All of our individual charms come with a jump ring that is large enough to slide over most existing necklaces. The inside diameter of the top ring is 3mm.


If you are ordering more than one necklace or bracelet, please use the 'Additional Comments' box to let us know which chain or bracelet you would like it to go on. For example, you could name your first item "Necklace 1" and for each chain, charm, bead, etc. that goes one "Necklace 1", simply type "Necklace 1" in each item's 'Additional Comments' box.


If you want the charms to show up in a particular order, you can also enter that in 'Additional Comments'. However, we will always do the best layout for you, so this is unnecessary. If do want them in a specific order, please picture the item as though you were looking at it, and as though you were adding the charms from left to right. Count the number of charms, let's say you have 7 and they are going on a necklace. From left to right they would be " Left 1", "Left 2", "Left 3", "Middle", "Right 1", "Right 2", "Right 3".


If you are designing a simple necklace with a large charm and a single bead for example, you might want both items to hang from the same jump ring. This way the bead will always be in the front / top / middle of the charm. Just use the 'Additional Comments' box for the smaller item and say "Please hang this from the same ring as RCH-303", (or whatever charm you are ordering). We don’ recommend any more than 2 items be hung from the same jumpring.



We highly reccomend that you use dots to separate your names or single words, and at the beginning of a phrase. Please enter a period where you would like a dot to appear. Dots will be centred horizontally and vertically, unless otherwise specified.


With our Large Font and a Small Font, letters are only available in uppercase. In the Large and Small Font we also have numbers 0 through 9, an ampersand (&), punctuation and a Heart Symbol. Use the $ sign where you want a heart. 


Many of our customizable charms have layout options you can select directly from the product page. If you don't see a layout that is suitable, you can enter any specific instructions in the additional comments box. You may also use this box for any other comments that you have. Using the points on a clock is a helpful way to describe your layout.