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Personalized Horse Memorial Jewelry

Create Your Own Horse Memorial Jewelry. Horse memorial jewelry can be in the form a memorial necklace with a horse’s name, the birth date or death date of a horse, or simple birthstone beads that represent the life of a horse. You can also design your own horse memorial bracelet with personalized charms.

Personalized Horse Memorial Jewellery. We also offer finished memorial jewelry that can be personalized to represent the life of your horse. Select one of the finished necklaces or bracelets and personalize it with your horse’s name.

Our Sterling Silver Personalized Wild Horse Charm can be customized in memory of a horse for a literal representation and celebration of the horse’s life. Or choose a simple Oval or Heart to personalize with a name to create a simpler horse memorial charm. Creating a piece of memorial jewelry as a reminder of a lost loved one can be a comforting way to remember the meaning they had in your life, and allows you to keep a physical connection to them close to your heart.

Please inquire about our personalized gold horse charm, we will create a quote based on the current market prices.
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  4. Sterling Silver Personalized Angel's Wing Charm
  5. Mini Guardian Angel Charm - Choose Gold or Silver and add Personalization
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