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Personalize Your Sterling Silver Charms & Jewellery

Tell your story with our unique and original sterling silver charms, chains and gemstone beads. Create keepsake jewellery by choosing a personal mix of symbolic and meaningful charms from initials to birthstones then add them to a chain or bracelet. You can add names, dates or your favorite sayings to our personalized charms. Totally customize every detail to create the perfect, meaningful way to express to the world what you love, or to create the perfect gift. All of our silver items are made to order. Please allow at least 2 weeks to create your totally one of a kind, personalized silver jewellery.

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Luxe Designís concept in designing personalized sterling silver jewelry starts here. We have created a large selection of original handmade sterling silver charms, chains & gemstone bead charms that can be combined in any way you can imagine, allowing you to create unique sterling silver jewelry that is truly meaningful and personalized.

  • Choose your customizable sterling charms.
  • Select letter charms, initial charms, or other meaningful and symbolic charms.
  • Add some color with gemstone beads.
  • Choose a the ideal length and style of necklace or bracelet chain.

What do you want to create? The first thing to decide is what your unique personalization will be. Do you want to create Motherís sterling silver jewellery with all the family names? Commemorate a milestone like a 40th birthday or your finishing time in a marathon? Are you looking to create a sterling silver necklace, bracelet, earrings, pin or key chain?

With all of our mix and match parts and findings, our mad sterling silver jewellery making skills and your imagination and inspiration, you can put together a unique piece of sterling keepsake jewellery unlike any other, that will be precious enough to be passed on for generations.

The most fun is in creating your personalized silver charms, including sterling silver initial charms, sterling letter charms and sterling stamped charms. We offer a wide variety of sterling charms that you can personalize in many ways using letters, initials, numbers, heart symbols, ampersands, and even question marks.

Why choose Luxe? Luxe Design is the original line of hand stamped, personalized sterling silver jewelry. A totally unique alphabet handpicked from the Boeing Airplane factory sale in 1993 was the inspiration for this personalized line of unique sterling silver jewelry. Since then, jewelry stamping supplies have been made available in stores, but no one can beat our experience and our beautiful finishing and jewelry stamping techniques. Years of practice means our handmade sterling jewelry pieces are professional and well made. All of our sterling silver charms are our original pieces made by hand in our studio, and simply cannot be purchased anywhere else.

For personalized sterling charms, select from simple modern circle and oval shaped charms or whimsical dog charms, birds, lightning bolts & dragon charms. Add initials, names, dates or whatever will fit. Another simple way to personalize is to choose from our many sterling silver initial charms.

From there you can add more symbolic sterling charms that appeal to you, or that symbolize something you want to express about yourself or the person to whom you will be giving this unique sterling silver jewelry. Choose sterling heart charms or leaves, flowers, snowflakes, crosses; myriad choices await in the Hearts & Symbols or Flora & Fauna sterling charms sections. You can further personalize your sterling jewelry with birthstones or zodiac symbols. For those that like gemstone sterling jewelry, finish off your creation with a burst of color by selecting two or more gemstone bead charms. You may choose beads that represent birthdays, or simply the ones that you think are the most beautiful.

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