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Fairy Bones

The Fairy Bones collection is created from actual fairy bones, ethically foraged in the local forests of the Pacific Northwest.

On long rainy winter walks, well off the beaten paths, near fae traps and under mossy rocks, the delicate fairy bones were carefully and respectfully gathered.

As each one is found, a rhyme of thanks is repeated in honor and gratitude to the fairy spirits for their service. 

Unlike other bones, fairy bones are soft and translucent, making them difficult to see in the low light. By the summer, the bones have all returned to dust.

Because of the soft and malleable consistency of fairy bones, the bent shapes are naturally formed from laying on uneven surfaces and the organic movement of the forest.

Once gathered, the fairy bones are preserved, then molded and cast into silver and gold using the ancient practice of lost wax casting.

It is said that wearing the fairy bones brings protection and good luck, connects to you the energy of nature, and celebrates the living being called Gaia, or Mother Earth.

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