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Personalize with Sterling Silver Chains

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This is our collection of sterling silver chains that serves as the starting place for your personalized necklace. We offer an edited selection of sterling chains that mix perfectly with our charms. LENGTH: The most popular length is 18", but our chains all come in varying lengths. A small child's necklace is 14", and that is the shortest chain we offer. 14" chains are recommended for up to 10 years old. 16" is also fine, a child can grow into this and wear it for life, it simply hangs a bit longer. To find the ideal length of chain, take a length of string and measure it on yourself at the length you desire, then measure that on a ruler. Choose the chain closest to that length, or ask us if we can make one that exact size for you.

CHARMS: With most of our silver chains, the charms can simply slide on and off. Many people appreciate the fact that they can simply slide off charms to co-ordinate with their outfit. This also allows you to change from long to short chains. However, if you are creating a piece for a child, or prefer that the charms stay on permanently, simply let us know in your order comments.

Sterling chains with our hand made Toggle Clasp are very popular and elevate the look of any of our silver chains. Aside from it's beauty, the great thing about the Toggle Clasp is that it is the actual clasp of the necklace. Therefore, you never have to worry about the clasp sliding around to the front. This happens because the clasp is often a bit heavier than the chain itself, but with the toggle, it serves as both the closure for the necklace and a place to hold your collection of charms. The charms must be permanently attached to the Toggle, you are unable to slide them on and off. The toggle is not great for long necklaces; when it is being swung around, the bar may come loose.

For the best combination of beauty and security, choose a chain with a Toggle Ring Charm Holder. It has the look of the Toggle but these necklaces actually have either a spring ring or lobster claw closure. Again, charms can not be slid on and off the Toggle Ring.

FINISH: The sterling chains in our collection come in subtly different finishes, which are described on each item. Our heavy cable has a full matte finish, the curb chain is more satin, and the 2mm cable has a slightly brighter finish, but each chain goes well with our charms and as you wear your personalized jewellery each piece takes on a unified soft patina.

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