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Jewellery From Your Loved One's Handwriting, Fingerprints, Handprints and Footprints

Create deeply personal, one of a kind jewellery from your loved one's actual handwriting. Because hand writing is so personal, a signature or note can instantly connect you in a very intimate way. In this age where hand writing is becoming used less and less, these pieces become even more precious as a way to capture a wonderful and fleeting moment in time. Use your child's precious hand writing, name or a drawing to create meaningful Mother's Jewelry. We can also make jewelry from a handprint or footprint which is an adorable present for a new Mom or Dad. Some of the most cherished handwriting jewelry is made from a loved one who has passed away. Create a comforting reminder of Mom using her handwriting on a silver heart pendant. Find a note from your Grandmother or a signature on a birthday card from your Father, and we can create a piece of memorial jewellery that is a beautiful way to connect with your loved one.
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