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Additional Handwriting, Fingerprint, Thumbprint, Handprint, Noseprint on back of Luxe Design Silver Pendant.

  • $65.00

Purchase this if you want to add etching to the back of your Luxe Design Sterling Silver Pendant.
This listing does not include jewellery, it is an add on to an existing item.
Purchase this to add either handwriting, a fingerprint, an thumb print, a nose print, a hand print, foot prints, paw prints, drawings or any other digital image that you have to the back of a piece of jewellery that you are purchasing from Luxe Design.
You should order this at the same time as the fingerprint, handprint, foot print, nose print or handwriting jewellery.

(Handwriting, Fingerprints, Paw Prints, etc.)

Please send us a
+ clearly focused,
+ brightly lit image in the
+ largest size available.

You can either scan an image or take a photo of it and send it so long as it is bright and clear. Once you have the image in a digital format by scanning or photographing it you can send it.

Click the square with the mountain and the sun, and attach the image there. ***Make sure you write your name or order number and hit SEND when you attach the image or it will not go through**

All the Luxe Design Jewellery is made by hand to order. Each piece of Sterling Silver and 14k Gold jewellery we make is stamped with a quality stamp indicating the quality of the metal, as well as our trademark stamp which guarantees its authenticity.