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14k Solid Gold Lovelock Heart Padlock Charm with 3 Characters

  • $179.00
Solid 14k Gold Love Lock Heart Padlock Pendant
Shown Matte Finished (recommended for personalized jewelry)
Choose your gold color.

This padlock heart does not open. 


Eternal Love

A love lock padlock is a symbolic gesture of love and commitment. Couples often use it as a way to express their affection and devotion to each other. They typically write their names or initials on the padlock, attach it to a bridge or another significant location, and then throw away the key as a symbol of their unbreakable love. 

Express your eternal love and commitment with our exquisite Gold Love Lock Padlock charm. Crafted with care, this piece embodies the enduring bond between two souls. It is a symbol of the grandest emotions in the smallest form.

Personalize this solid gold love lock heart padlock up to three initials, or we like the old fashioned S + D  to represent your forever love. Carry this miniature treasure with you, a constant reminder of your unbreakable connection.

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