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Sterling Silver I ROBOT Letterbox Necklace

  • $40.00
Each Charm 5mmH x 3mmW x 3mmD
18" Leather Necklace

Sterling Silver Letterbox (I, ROBOT) Charms on 18" Knotted Black Leather Necklace

This is the necklace featured as a plot point in the feature film I, ROBOT starring Will Smith. His character takes the necklace off the neck of a girl named SARAH, and wears it throughout the film. The necklace in the film has 5 letterbox charms that spell out SARAH, and is shown on a 18" leather necklace that has been knotted on either side of the charms.
Each charm is a small, solid box made from sterling silver. A hole through the middle allows us to string them onto leather or chain to create totally personalized necklaces & bracelets, and each box is individually hand stamped.
To order your own:
The plain 18" knotted leather necklace without any letters is $22 and each Letterbox is an additional cost. Choose the number of letters you require from our drop down menu. Then, please write the words as you would like them to appear in 'Additional Comments'. Next click 'add to cart'.

This item will come 18" in length, and is shown choker style. This might not be the best length for every man. Please measure your neck and make sure this is the right size for you. We are more than happy to make this at your specific length. Please add the length in 'Additional Comments'. If you do not, it will come as a standard 18".
Available Characters are as follows: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 & ?
We also have a heart symbol. Please use the $ to represent the heart or write out (heart symbol) in brackets.
BLANK SPACES: If you want one of the letterboxes blank to create a space between two words or names, write: (blank). You can also just get a dot, use the * asterisk symbol and we will make a letterbox with a dot.
EXAMPLE: If you want your necklace to say "LILY & DANA" you would add 9 letterboxes and write in additonal comments: LILY&DANA
EXAMPLE: If you wanted a heart instead of the ampersand you would write: LILY$DANA
EXAMPLE: If you wanted a blank letterbox instead of the ampersand you would write: LILY(BLANK)DANA
EXAMPLE: If you wanted a dot letterbox instead of the ampersand you would write: LILY*DANA.
In all of the above cases you would be adding 9 letterboxes to the cart.
Letters are only available in uppercase.
Click on picture to view samples and alternate views.