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Personalized Memorial Jewelry for Women, available in Silver and Gold

Our personalized line of memorial jewelry for women is a collection of memorial jewelry engraved with the names, birth dates, and symbols of lost loved ones. We create customized Memorial Bracelets, Necklaces and Charms.

Some of the more popular items include Memorial Tear Jewelry, which is our simple tear drop charm on a chain. The gold memorial tear drop necklace is a nice piece to represent miscarriage or infant loss as it is a subtle and modern shape that can be filled with meaning for the wearer, but is not necessarily obvious as a piece of memorial jewelry. Sometimes you may not want to discuss the meaning of the piece of jewelry, but you want to carry it close to your heart all the time.You can add the Memorial Tear Drop Charm to any necklace or bracelet. We also have a wide variety of personalized memorial pendants that you can add names and dates to, then add them to chains or bracelets to create memorial jewelry for loss of a husband or memorial jewelry for loss of mother. Remembrance jewelry can be created as a way to carry the memory of your lost loved ones where ever you go.

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Loss of Spouse or Parent. Our personalized memorial jewelry for women was designed to help bring comfort as well as a physical symbolic connection to their lost loved ones. Personalized necklaces in memory of lost husbands or parents can be made using our collection of silver or gold personalized charms mixed with other meaningful charms, birthstone beads, and chains. A simple heart charm with ‘MOM’ on it, or a spouse’s name or initial can serve as a simple way to honor and keep close their loved ones who have passed away. Other popular choices are our Silver Angel Wing Necklace and Gold Angel Wing Pendant Necklaces, and other Angel Necklaces.

Child & Baby Memorial Jewelry. Some of the memorial jewelry we create includes necklaces and bracelets in memory of a child, and baby memorial jewelry. When a woman suffers a miscarriage it can be emotionally devastating and every woman experiences it differently. After making several pieces for a Doula, we have created personalized jewelry for child loss and miscarriage in order to help bring comfort to grieving women.

In some cases a necklace with the due date and/or loss date represented by the gemstone bead charm for the month plus a charm symbolizing the baby are chosen. Subtler choices include guardian angel charms, or simple birthstone beads or charms, for those women who wish to memorialize the pregnancy but who prefer that others don’t know the meaning of the jewelry. Often, a simple white pearl charm represents a miscarriage.

Our kid hand charm with a name also makes a good child memorial necklace with a forget me not charm and a chain. Our personalized Dove charm is also good with or without a name to commemorate the passing of a loved one.

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