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Personalized Dog Memorial Jewelry

Dogs hold a very special place in our families and when a dog dies, it can be a very deep loss. This collection is made up of dog jewelry for people who want to create a keepsake in loving memory of their dog.

We have two ways to honor and commemorate the life of a dog with our dog memorial jewelry;

Personalized Dog Memorial Jewelry. There are two ways people can create memorial dog jewelry on our site. You can select from our collection of ready to wear dog memorial bracelets or dog memorial necklaces to which you can add details like names and birthdates.

Design your own Dog Memorial Jewellery. Or, you can design your own totally personalized jewelry by building your own necklace or bracelet. We have a variety of personalized sterling silver or gold dog charms like our personalized dog bone charm, dog initial charms, dog name charms and a personalized paw charm. Our personalized Doggy Head charm is great for kids, and our paw charm can be added to any jewelry to memorialize a dog in a simple way.

See our full collection of Pet Memorial Jewelry here.

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