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Design your Personalized Gold Charms and Jewellery

Tell your story with our unique, hand made, solid gold charms, chains and gemstone beads. Create heirloom jewellery by choosing a personal mix of symbolic and meaningful charms from zodiacs to birthstone charms, then add them to a chain or bracelet. You can personalize these gold charms with names, dates or your favorite sayings. Totally customize every detail to create the perfect, meaningful way to express to the world what you love, or to create the perfect gift. All of our gold jewellery and charms are made to order.

We do not keep these items in stock, so please allow at least two weeks for us to create your one of a kind jewellery.

Our 14 Karat Gold Jewelry is available in Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold. Simply write what color gold you would like in additional comments, or it will come as yellow gold by default. 18 Karat Gold is also available, please contact us for a quote.
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Our most meaningful jewelry is made from solid gold and inscribed with the names of your loved ones. The beauty and timeless elegance of gold is elevated by personalizing it with words, sayings, names and dates to create a totally unique keepsake piece of jewellery. Gold necklaces personalized with children's names makes a wonderful gift for a mother. We offer personalized gold jewelry for Sisters and Friends. You can personalize these combinations of gold charms with your name, your pet's name, or any word that is meaningful to you.

Personalized Gold Memorial Jewelry. When you are choosing to commemorate a loved one, gold is the fitting choice for such an important and meaningful piece of jewellery. People choose to create a necklace in loving memory of their father or mother by choosing one of the finished pieces below and simply adding the name of the person they are honoring. You may also add their favorite sayings, or their nicknames can become the personalization that reminds you most of them.

Choose individual charms or design a complete piece of Gold jewellery from the chain to the personalized gold charms and gold gemstone beads. All of our gold charms come matte finished. If you prefer a shiny finish, please request a shiny finish in "Additional Comments".

Our personalized jewellery truly becomes an important keepsake when you create it in solid, timeless, yellow, white or rose gold. These items are all shown in 14 karat yellow gold, but are also available in 14 karat white gold or 14 karat rose gold at the same price. We can create any of our symbolic or personalized charms in 18 karat yellow gold, 18 karat white gold, or 18 karat rose gold. These prices reflect the current market prices of gold, and are subject to change depending on fluctuations in the gold market.

When you create a personalized piece of Luxe Design jewelry in gold, you are adding even more value to the inherent worth of the metal. Gold is a timeless and valuable choice.

Commemorate the people and experiences in your life that are most precious by creating personalized gold charms, and personalized gold necklaces or bracelets. Our Open Circle charm in gold, personalized with the names of the whole family, and our gold disc initial charm are among the most popular personalized gold charms that we carry.

Each personalized gold charm will be stamped with the metalís quality stamp (14K or 18K) and our Luxe Design trademark stamp. This signifies and guarantees that your personalized gold charms and personalized gold jewelry is authentic.

Email: Gold Personalized Jewellery Toll Free: 866-576-7830. See the whole Personalized Jewellery Collection.