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Regina's Necklace From the Netflix Series MAID

I have had many requests for the necklace that the character Regina "the rich lady" wears in the Netflix Series Maid. It was basically two necklaces that were worn together, made up from the charms and chains available in our store, but for the sake of ease, I have put together the pieces to make these easier to order.

Reginal is played by Anika Noni Rose.

Regina from the Netflix Series MAID

Here is the complete set:

Regina's Pearl Necklace form the Netflix Series MAID

Regina's rectangle is a shiny finish and has no blackening and reads,  "HOPE BELIEF FAITH VICTORY" but you can add any words that fit. Here is one I just did for someone with family names. Our classic look is blackened and matte finish which helps you to read the names better and has a soft glowing finish.

If you like, you can get them separately. 

Regina's Pearl Necklace form the Netflix Series MAID

Regina's gold necklace from the Netflix Series MAID

And one last option to consider is whether you want solid 14 Karat Gold, or Gold Filled Chains. They look virtually identical, but the gold has a tag that says it is solid gold, (stamped 14k) and the gold filled has the 14/20 stamp on the clasp. They both are delicate and wear beautifully. 

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to ask about these pieces, let me know if you have any questions about them!

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