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Men's Memorial Jewellery with Ashes or Fingerprints - Luxe Design Jewellery

Men's Memorial Jewellery with Ashes or Fingerprints

Create remembrance jewellery for men using ashes, fur or fingerprints. People looking to create ashes keepsakes for men can choose from our variety of hand crafted urns or pieces that use paw prints, hand writing and fingerprints. Designs for men include a cross necklace that holds ashes, and a men's cross necklace and a dog tag necklace that are personalized with a fingerprint from a funeral home.
We have developed several designs for loved ones looking to put ashes into men's jewellery. To create an ashes keepsake, unscrew the top of the urn and add ashes to hollow space inside. To permanently seal cremation jewelry, we recommend a drop of super glue on the threads.
Favorites include our men's cross urn necklace,
The top of our men's cremation cross necklace unscrews. 
To add ashes into men's jewellery you can choose our very popular men's cremation ashes bracelet.
Or if you prefer a necklace to put ashes in, this is a contemporary piece that is both subtle and meaningful. 
Create modern commemorative necklace urns for brothers, sons or fathers.

See all of our Canadian cremation jewelry here. All of the Luxe Design memorial jewellery is made by hand in our studio in Vancouver BC.

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