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Regina's Necklace From the Netflix Series MAID - Luxe Design Jewellery

Regina's Necklace From the Netflix Series MAID

I have had many requests for the necklace that the character Regina "the rich lady" wears in the Netflix Series Maid. It was basically two necklaces that were worn together, made up from the charms and chains available in our store, but for the sake of ease, I have put together the pieces to make...
Personalized, Collectable Charms - Luxe Design Jewellery

Personalized, Collectable Charms

  Check out the Charms section to see our collection of charms exclusively available at Luxe Design. You can choose from our collection of solid 14 Karat gold or sterling silver charms and create your own personalized jewellery. Each charm in solid gold is made to order, and sterling silver char...