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Personalized Memorial Jewelry - Luxe Design Jewellery

Personalized Memorial Jewelry

"What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." (Helen Keller)

Memorial Jewelry acts as a physical reminder of how a loved one remains a deep part of us even after they are gone. Many choose to honor, acknowledge and celebrate life by creating a beautiful, hand-crafted piece of gold or sterling memorial jewelry, personalized either for themselves or for a close relative or friend grieving loss. Tell a story. Treasure your memories. Find comfort in a simple yet exquisite piece of memorial keepsake jewelry from Luxe Design, makers of Personalized Jewelry


Memorial Jewelry for Women

Many women especially find comfort in wearing a piece of jewelry close to their heart in remembrance of their deceased husband, father, mother, child or sibling.

Whether you are buying a piece of personalized memorial jewelry for yourself or to give as a gift to a female in honor of her loss, there are a number of feminine gold and sterling memorial jewelry pieces to choose from such as:

Memorial Necklace
Memorial Pendant
Memorial Charms
Memorial Bracelets

Adding customized touches to the jewelry such as symbolic charms, hand stamped ('engraved') names and special sayings increases the importance of these unique memorial jewelry items for women.

Memorial Jewelry for Women

Memorial Jewelry for Men

Memorial jewelry created for men can also help to celebrate the life and legacy of a loved one.

Masculine Memorial Jewelry - Often men opt for personalized Memorial Dog Tags which can feature a hand-stamped name, date or personal saying. The masculine piece of jewelry worn on a sterling silver or 14 karat gold ball, cable or leather chain hangs close to his heart.

Memorial Jewelry for Men

Memorial Jewelry for Kids

A personalized memorial necklace or bracelet made to size can serve as a special reminder to a child grieving the loss of a parent or sibling. Children also appreciate pet memorial jewelry. At times children can have troubles truly understanding death and a necklace or bracelet that can be worn at all times gives comfort during a frightening and confusing period of life.

Personalized Pet Memorial Jewelry

Personalized Pet Memorial Jewelry

Whether for a cat, horse, dog or other beloved animal, pet keepsake jewelry provides a unique way for us to preserve the memory of a pet that was once a huge part of our lives. Pet memorial jewelry can easily be customized and is also available in sterling silver or gold.

Personalized Dog Memorial Jewelry

Gold & Sterling Silver
Memorial Jewelry

Whether its gold, sterling silver, a pendant, a necklace or a hand-stamped charm, each piece of memorial jewelry can be fully personalized and customized to tell a meaningful story of the legacy your loved one or pet left behind.

Gold Memorial Jewelry

Personal preferences for Sterling Silver Jewelry or Gold Jewelry will dictate what type of material you select for your personalized jewelry. Choose from:

14 Karat Yellow Gold           14 Karat White Gold

18 Karat Yellow Gold           18 Karat White Gold

Sterling Silver
Handwriting Memorial Charm

Create actual handwriting jewelry! Some of the most beloved handwritten jewelry is made from a note or signature of a loved one who has passed away. Create a custom handwriting pendant honoring Mom on a silver heart pendant. Personal signature jewelry can be made from a note from your Grandmother or a signature on a birthday card from Father. This 'Love, Dad' signature necklace is a beautiful way to create personalized jewelry you will cherish.

Love Dad Signature Necklace

 Memorial CHARMS

You can create a lost loved one necklace with a combination of charms that can be personalized with names and dates.  We offer memorial charms and charm jewelry including:

Initial Charms, Gold Charms, Word Charms (such as "soul mate", "mom" or "angel")

Customizable Dove Charm (symbolizing peace) Guardian Angel Charms  Teardrop Charms "Forget-Me-Not" Flower (symbolizing memories) 

Personalized Memorial Fingerprint Jewelry

Nothing captures the individuality of a lost loved one as much as  personal fingerprint jewelry. We create baby fingerprint jewelry and jewelry from flat prints.

We also carry Memorial Gemstone Charms. Gemstones can have special symbolic meaning for instance; a white pearl is a symbol of peace and miscarriage. Memorial jewelry pieces can also include significant dates such as the birth month, month of loss or the due date.

Offset your sterling silver or gold memorial jewelry with some color and add special meaning with:

Birthstone Charms
Family Gemstones

Gold Fingerprint from Flat Print

Ask Us about Creating
Personalized Memorial Jewelry

What makes our hand-assembled personalized memorial jewelry unique is that you can have a special influence in creating a one-of-a-kind special piece that speaks to your heart.

When purchasing a piece of jewelry for women, men or children you have two options:

  1. Select a pre-designed piece of memorial jewelry and personalize it with hand-stamped names, your preference of material and your choice of gemstones.
  2. Design Your Own Jewelry and create a completely new piece of personalized memorial jewelry. First choose your gold (or silver) necklace or bracelet and customizable charms; then add meaning by personalizing the jewelry item with your own words or initials.

For more information about "hand stamping" with jewelry sayings or for assistance in ordering any of our fully personalized memorial jewelry pieces in sterling silver or gold, please contact Luxe Design:

Toll Free 1-866-576-7830

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