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Personalized Pet Memorial Jewelry - Luxe Design Jewellery

Personalized Pet Memorial Jewelry

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal." -Anonymous

Pet keepsake jewelry is a unique way to preserve the memory of a family pet.

A pet will often play a huge role in our daily lives and become an important part of our families. And when they pass away they leave a huge void in both our homes and our hearts.

Luxe Design, makers of Personalized Jewelry creates fully personalized Pet Memorial Jewelry to keep your pet’s faithful love and loyal companionship close to your heart, preserving their memory even after the time of grieving has passed.

Personalized Dog Memorial JewelryPersonalized Dog Memorial Jewelry

We offer a great selection of pet memorial jewelry to commemorate your dog, which can be personalized with hand stamped Jewelry Sayings. From doggy earrings to Paw & Bone necklaces, you can personalize your dog memorial jewelry with your own selection of doggy charms.

Personalized Cat Memorial JewelryPersonalized Cat Memorial Jewelry

These distinctive pet memorial pieces, including necklaces with feline charms, will help you find a way to capture your cat’s ever-missed warmth and presence. Cat memorial jewelry will help keep the memory alive.

Personalized Horse Memorial Jewelry

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a horse and rider where subtle communications can make the riding experience amazing for both. Horses signify grace and power and our pet memorial horse charms are fully customizable.

Show Your Sympathy with Pet Memorial Gifts

For those who may have never owned a pet it can be difficult to understand the grief of dealing with the loss of a beloved dog or cat.

Pet Memorial GiftsIt can be even more difficult to know how to offer your condolences to a close friend or family member who has experienced the loss of their long-time pet.

Pet memorial gifts such as personalized pet memorial jewelry are a simple yet extremely thoughtful way to show that you care.

A necklace or bracelet customized in memory of a pet shows your sympathy and is a tangible way to acknowledge their grief. Many pet owners are consoled by having a simple physical reminder of their lost pet close to their heart.

Personalize Your Memorial Gift

When it comes to pet memorial gifts, personalized jewelry is a great option as you can:

  • ‘Custom engrave’ the piece by hand-stamping the name of the animal
  • Choose an animal shaped charm
  • Add a charm or bead that represents a special memory or the animal’s personality
  • Choose the perfect style and length of chain

Made from sterling silver or 14 (or 18) karat white or yellow gold, our pet memorial jewelry is designed to last.

Create your Own Memorial Jewelry

Luxe-Design specializes in creating one-of-a-kind pet memorial jewelry. Whether you are creating a piece for yourself or for a loved one, we can help you create the perfect piece of keepsake jewelry from our collection, which includes:

Memorial JewelryMemorial Necklaces - Choose from a selection of finished necklaces ready to be personalized. Memorial necklaces feature popular animal charms that can be personalized with names, dates, or special sayings about your pet.

Memorial Bracelets - Select the perfect chain and closure; then add any of our personalized animal charms, birthstones, or initial charms to create traditional charm bracelets. Or, simply personalize our finished pet memorial bracelets with names and initials.

Memorial Charms - Include an animal specific charm such as a wild horse, kitty or dog bone charm and have it hand-stamped with anything from your pet’s name to a personal saying.

Memorial Beads - Beads add color and character to your pet memorial jewelry.

Memorial Stones - Affix your pet’s birthstone, your favorite color or a precious gem to your bracelet or necklace.

Every memorial bracelet and necklace tells a story when personalized with charms, beads, stones or jewelry sayings.

Personalized Pet Memorial JewelryAsk Us About Personalized Pet Memorial Jewelry

When others compliment your piece of memorial jewelry you will have the opportunity to share a couple of treasured memories of your dog, cat, horse or other beloved pet.

Upon order we hand assemble and hand-stamp any names, dates or phrases onto your memorial jewelry piece. Our jewelry is oxidized to bring out the details, and given a soft, matte finish (although shiny finishes are available upon request).

For assistance in creating your own pet memorial jewelry or in designing a pet memorial gift for a friend, please contact Luxe Design:

Toll Free 866-576-7830
Email Pet Memorial Jewelry

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