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Personalized Sterling Memorial Jewelry - Luxe Design

Personalized Sterling Memorial Jewelry - Luxe Design

Luxe Design, makers of Personalized Jewelry creates stunning sterling silver memorial jewelry including fully personalized:

Sterling Memorial Jewelry for Women
Sterling Memorial Jewelry for Men
Sterling Pet Memorial Jewelry

hand stamped Jewelry SayingsWhat is Sterling Silver?

Pure silver is quite soft for jewelry making so sterling silver, which is still 92.5% pure, is much stronger and an excellent alternative.

Copper is the industry standard for mixing with silver since it gives the sterling silver much more strength and durability while retaining the natural color and beauty of the precious metal.

All of the sterling silver used to create your personalized sterling memorial jewelry, such as sterling memorial charms or a sterling memorial bracelet, is priced according to weight.

A special hand finish that includes sanding, filing, polishing and oxidizing (where applicable) creates a very unique appearance that is both modern and timeless. Complimented by a matte finish, your sterling silver jewelry will garner attention whenever you wear it.

Our collection of sterling memorial jewelry can also be personalized with hand stamped Jewelry Sayings. Ask us about how to bring special meaning to your:

Sterling Silver Memorial Bracelet
Sterling Silver Memorial Necklace
Sterling Silver Memorial Charm

Sterling Memorial Bracelets

Memorial bracelets serve as a visible reminder of a lost loved one as you go about your daily activities.

As you write a note, make dinner or drive across town you can feel and see the bracelet on your wrist, acting as a constant reminder of the wonderful memories you hold dear to your heart.

Our selection of sterling silver memorial bracelets come in various chain types with varying thicknesses (2mm or Heavy) and include toggle, lobster claw or spring ring closures.

Ask us about personalized sterling memorial bracelets utilizing beads, stones or charms.

Sterling Silver Memorial Necklaces

Latched around the neck and hung near the heart, sterling memorial necklaces honor a loved one and provide a physical reminder of the impact your loved one made in his or her lifetime.

Some of our most popular sterling memorial jewelry items include sterling Silver Memorial Heart Necklaces.

These beautiful pieces usually feature a special sterling silver memorial heart pendant. Create a personalized version of this keepsake jewelry by choosing from our wide selection of sterling heart pendants available in all sizes, styles and detail.

Another popular option is to design your own sterling silver memorial necklace.

Choose from a selection of sterling silver chains, have a sterling silver charm hand-stamped (a form of engraving) with a name, phrase or date; then choose a few extra symbolic charms and finish it off with a birthstone or gemstone bead.

Sterling Memorial CharmsSterling Memorial Charms

Many feel that what makes sterling memorial jewelry so special is the ability to add meaningful charms that reflect the unique relationship once shared.

We carry a wide selection of sterling silver memorial charms to help you remember your loved one.

For example, you can design Sterling Silver Memorial Dove Jewelry by placing a dove with a hand-stamped name, word or date on the bird’s wing.

Customizable Dove CharmIn addition to the dove and other animals, we carry a wide range of sterling charms to place on your memorial necklace (or bracelet), such as:

Sterling Silver Initial Charms
Sterling Silver Word Charms
Sterling Silver Zodiac Charms
Sterling Silver Flower Charms
Sterling Silver Bead Charms
Sterling Silver Birthstone Charms

Design your Own Personalized Memorial Jewelry

All personalized sterling memorial jewelry is hand-crafted in our studio.

Jewelry design specialists take extra care to ensure that your keepsake memorial jewelry is just as you want it to be, whether you are purchasing it for yourself or to give as a gift to show that you care for someone else in their time of loss.

For assistance in designing a personalized piece of sterling memorial jewelry or for answers to any questions you may have about personalizing sterling jewelry with jewelry sayings, please contact Luxe Design:

Toll Free 1-866-576-7830
Email Sterling Memorial Jewelry

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