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Root Chakra Amulet

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Solid Sterling Silver Amulet 16mm x 18mm
Oxidized and Shiny Finish

Root Chakra Amulet
Color: Red
Element: Earth

Our Root Chakra Amulet is an original hand made piece.The 1st Chakra, or Root Chakra is also known as Muladhara in Sanskrit. It is located at the base of the spine. Its energy is what grounds and connects us in the physical world. It is also said to be the seat of kundalini shakti (primal energy).

The mantra to balance the root chakra is "Lam", which rhymes with hum. This sound is also written on the back of this amulet. To meditate on the root chakra, repeat the sound "Lam" silently in your head. Focusing on Muladhara you feel safe, grounded and secure.

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