In the yogic tradition there are seven main energy centers called chakras which serve as focal points in meditation. Each one is a junction point where the physical, mental and spiritual meet, and each correlates to a specific area of the body. When your chakras are in balance you experience ease, flow and well being. When they are out of balance, you can experience physical and psychological problems, and general instability in life. By clearing negative energy from blocked chakras you can align and balance your physical and emotional well being.

Each of these chakra amulets are hand made and unique to Luxe Design. Joanne Hart, the designer behind Luxe Design Jewellery, was inspired to create original amulets by sculpting each original piece by hand, resulting in a warm and organic feel for each piece. Each chakra amulet features the sanskrit symbol of the sound for that chakra. Each chakra amulet is inscribed on the back with the mantra sound for that specific chakra. These sounds all rhyme with "thumb". Repeating this sound while focusing on the corresponding area of the body facilitates clearing and helps bring your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well being into a harmonious state of balance.
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