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14K Solid Gold Feather Charm

  • $259.00

Solid 14 Karat Gold
30mm x 10mm
Shown in Matte Finish

14K Solid Gold Feather Charm


This solid gold feather charm represents your angels and lost loved ones who are always with you in spirit, and is a charm of protection. Feathers also symbolize freedom and are good luck for travelers.

This delicate charm was created by taking a mold from an actual tiny white feather that I found while out walking. When you lose a loved one and they have gone to the other side, it is not unusual for them to want to let you know that they are okay, and they are still with you; loving and celebrating you. One of Spirit's favorite ways to connect to with you is to nudge you to notice simple common objects like feathers, coins, or something that would remind you of them. This is how they let you know that they are still around.

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