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How To Create Fingerprint Cuff Links and Jewellery with Two Different Prints. - Luxe Design Jewellery

How To Create Fingerprint Cuff Links and Jewellery with Two Different Prints.

Our customers often have questions about creating the fingerprint jewellery because they literally have a hand in making it!

What is fingerprint jewellery?

When you order fingerprint jewellery we send a kit that allows you to take a live impression from any one's finger, or toe, or thumb. What is so special about this type of fingerprint jewellery is the fact that it is made in person and it captures the exact print or impression in that moment in time, and we use that exact piece to create totally personalized, one of a kind jewellery in solid sterling silver or solid 14 Karat gold. 

Fingerprint Jewellery Kit By Luxe Design Jewellery

How do I make fingerprint jewellery?

Once you receive the kit you read the instructions and shape the included blanks for impressions any way you like. You can keep them natural the way they come which is soft and organic or you can shape them into more formal ovals, circles or domes. Once you have the shape you like, you warm the blanks with a lamp, hair dryer, or any other method that uses fairly gentle heat.

If you microwave it you can completely melt it and make it too hot so we don't recommend that. Once it is warm and pliable, but not melting, you can press the finger into the compound and create your impression.

Squished Blank for Fingerprint Pendant

The finished results vary greatly and so here is a recent question about a pair of cufflinks:

Question - 

Would it be possible to have a different fingerprint on each cufflink, I thought it would be wonderful to have our 7 year old's print on one, and our new baby's print on the other. Would that mean the cufflinks would be two different sizes?


Yes we can do that. Basically the blanks for the imprints are measured by weight so they will be the same volume but it would be up to you to create the impressions. So for the 7 year old you would have a larger print with less border and for the baby it would be a small print with more border.
I would suggest you start by flattening the blanks out to a similar shape, then make the two impressions. When we get them and make them into metal, we can clean up the edges but we can't make dramatic changes to the pieces once we get them as we don't want to ruin the delicate impressions. So it is best that you like what you are sending as the end result will be similar to what you send to us.
Square Fingerprint Cuff Links
So here is what that might look like as shown on a necklace:
Two Fingerprint Pendants using different sizes of fingers.
See how they are approximately the same shape and size but with two very different impressions?
Here is another pair shaped into perfect ovals:
Fingerprint Cuff Links
It is up to you to create a shape you like, but we can always help by pre-shaping the pieces by request. They do go out of shape once pressed into, but we clean and re-shape them as much as possible and we get some great results!
Two lovely domes:
Domed Silver Fingerprint Pendant
Gold Dome Fingerprint Pendant

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