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Import Fees, Duties and Charges when Buying Canadian Gold and Silver Jewellery

If you are buying any of our jewellery and having it shipped to the US or Mexico, there are no additional import fees or duties. With the exception of some of our plain chains, all Luxe Design Jewellery is designed and made in Vancouver BC Canada and are exclusive to Luxe Design.

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Your country may charge import duties or taxes. Some online stores and platforms like Etsy may collect them in advance but sometimes they don't. You can see if you are being charged for those up front by adding your product to the cart and going through the process of adding your shipping details. If there are any additional fees like duties, taxes or other import fees being collected in advance, they will be listed as a separate line item. 

The shipper then needs to include that information on the customs form and/or shipping label so that you will not be charged twice.

We do not collect additional import fees or taxes as within North America, as there are none. Our only charges are shown on your invoice at the time of purchase. However for any orders outside North America, you will need to check with your local customs laws to see what you may be charged. 

In our experience, destinations outside North America usually do collect some kind of import duties and/or brokerage fees when your jewellery arrives. Duties and taxes are charged when an item arrives in the destination country and they are decided by your country's customs officials and local laws. brokerage fees are the charges incurred for the paperwork involved in clearing your item through customs.

In order to see what they might be you can do a google search for "What duties or taxes are charged when importing gold jewellery into <your country>?" You should get some information that way, usually it is a percentage charged on the retail price between 3% - 70%. These charges vary drastically from country to country so it is a good idea to understand what you might be charged before deciding on a purchase.