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Joanne Hart is the founder and designer behind Luxe Design. Before studying jewellery design, Joanne completed a degree in sculpture at the University of Calgary. After moving to Vancouver, she completed the Jewellery Art and Design program at Vancouver Community College and created Luxe Design in 1995. Joanne has always been obsessed with tiny, exquisite details and the meaning of life. She began making jewellery as a child and has never stopped.


Luxe Design was started in 1995 as a line sold through boutiques and department stores. The line ranges from charming to sophisticated, mixing Sterling Silver and Gold with an arrya of gemstones, pearls, antique finishes, leather and handmade chain. Exquisite touches like original findings finish off designs inspired by art, nature, travel and urban living. Innovations in jewellery technology combined with earthy textures and traditional goldsmithing techniques create the foundation for the unique look and feel of Luxe Design Jewellery. The website showcases designs that fall into two main categories. Modern Heirloom Jewellery and Tell Your Story jewellery.


The sleek modern line is wearable everyday and is an easy compliment to any wardrobe. It reflects the fashion trends and colors of the moment and ranges from glamorous cocktail rings to that perfect pair of earrings that you never take off. This collection is also the home of the Luxe Design ALTERNATIVE BRIDAL line of custom designed engagement rings and wedding bands. Joanne also creates contemporary Private Label collections for other brands.


This collection has a more personal bent. Wearers can choose to add their own names and dates to personalize the silver and gold jewelry, and add genuine birthstones and symbolic charms. Many of the most popular designs have inspirational sayings that the wearer connects to personally. Mixing and matching the charms, gemstone beads, and meaningful words allows the wearer their own unique expression.

The TELL YOUR STORY line has been a co-creative process between Joanne and her customers. It is rewarding to see the unique combinations that customers put together, it keeps the experience fresh and the jewellery line constantly evolving. More importantly though, people often choose personalized jewellery as a way to memorialize their loved ones, and it is a deeply moving experience to create a piece of jewellery with someone as a way to remember and celebrate their loved ones. The TELL YOUR STORY Collection would not exist without the passion and love of our customers, and it is an honor to help them express and remember what is most important to them.


The jewellery lines are comprised of solid sterling silver and gold. All of the jewellery is trademarked and stamped with our trademark stamp as well as a quality stamp indicating the authenticity of the metal from which it was made. Measurements are metric and Length includes the solid ring at the top, width is measured at the widest part.

Luxe Design personalized jewellery and charms are original designs and are hand stamped, oxidized and matte finished. This finish brings out the detail of the words in the best way and is part of the Luxe Design signature look. Any of the jewellery is available in a shiny finish by request.

The Luxe Design jewellery lines incorporate the highest quality findings, metals and stones. These elements, combined with technical skills and an artistic foundation, makes the high quality Luxe Design line of jewellery stylish, interesting, personal, and wearable. The line can be found in finer boutiques, galleries, catalogs and department stores. Each piece is designed, created, hand stamped, assembled and finished to order in the heart of Vancouver BC, CANADA.