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  1. 14 K Gold Asterisk Charm
  2. 14 K Gold Baby Heart Hook Earrings - Luxe Design Jewellery
  3. 14 K Gold Dog Nose Pendant Small, Your Dog's Nose in Gold, Gold Dog Memorial Jewelry, Pet Memorial, Pet Loss Jewelry, Dog Remembrance Charm
  4. 14 K Gold Forget-Me-Not Flower Charm - Luxe Design Jewellery
  5. image_1589
  6. Gold and Black Freshwater Teardrop Pearl Charm, 14 Karat Gold Pearl Charm, Rose Gold Pearl Pendant, White Gold Pearl Charm, Freshwater Pearl
  7. Gold and White Freshwater Teardrop Pearl Hook Earrings, 14 Karat Gold Pearl Earrings, Rose Gold Earrings
  8. 14 Karat Gold Ankh Charm, Key of Life Charm, Eternal Life Charm, Egyptian Hieroglyph
  9. 14 Karat Gold AQUARIUS Zodiac Disc Charm - Luxe Design Jewellery