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Personalized Engraved Ivy Charm for Graduation or Memorial

  • $39.00

This sterling silver charm features a delicate engraved ivy design and has an antique feel with a raw edge. It can be personalized with two years and three initials. The Ivy charm is a perfect symbol to commemorate a graduation by adding 3 initials and a graduation year below, or it can be a memorial charm by adding birth and passing years and three initials in between.  

Sterling Silver
Oxidized and Matte Finished
19mm Diameter by 27mm Tall including top rings.



Ivy is a symbol of growth, endurance, and strength. In ancient times, ivy was associated with the god of wine and fertility, Dionysus, and was often used to decorate his temples and crown his followers. In Greek mythology, ivy was also believed to be a symbol of faithfulness and eternal life.

In Christian tradition, ivy is often used to symbolize the resurrection of Christ and the endurance of the soul. Ivy's ability to cling to and climb walls and trees also represents perseverance and determination. Additionally, ivy is sometimes associated with the idea of friendship and loyalty, as it often grows in close proximity to other plants and can even wrap itself around them for support.

ADD PERSONALIZATION: Hand stamped characters available are A-Z, 0-9, & - . , ?. We also have a heart symbol. To add the heart use a “$” symbol. You may also add a note in comments that you want a heart.

HAND STAMPING: These characters are hand stamped. Although we are very skilled at adding personalization, they are done by hand and not machine and therefore there may be some slight variations in the lettering. We believe this adds warmth and shows the artist’s hand in the making of your meaningful pieces. We do offer laser engraving for an additional charge.

TO ADD PERSONALIZATION TO THE BACK: to add additional letters or numbers on the back please choose additional hand stamping in the appropriate amount of characters here:

TO ADD A DATE: please enter it in this format 00.00.00 and we will center the dots vertically and horizontally.

ADD A CHAIN: See all of our Sterling Silver Chains here:


FINISH: This piece is blackened and matte finished. This is our signature finish and is ideal for reading the lettering and seeing the small details. We recommend a blackened or oxidized finish for all of our hand stamped jewellery but we will do a shiny finish by request. Ask for a shiny finish in 'order comment' or 'additional comments'. 

QUALITY: Each piece of Luxe Design Jewellery is stamped with a trademark stamp and a quality stamp to guarantee authenticity and quality.

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