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Paperclip Chain 14/20 Gold Filled 2mm Bracelet

  • $39.90
14/20 Gold Filled Yellow Gold Paperclip Bracelet
2mm Chain, lobster claw clasp, 7.5"
Shiny Finish

14/20 Gold Filled Yellow Gold Bracelet

This popular bracelet comes with a lobster claw closure and mixes beautifully with our hand made gold charms and pendants.

Gold Filled chains look identical to solid gold chains because the top layer of the chain is a heavy layer of pure 14 karat gold which is mechanically bonded to a core of silver or base metal. Gold Filled jewellery has a much thicker and more durable layer of gold than jewellery that is gold plated or dipped. Gold Filled jewellery has a life span of up to 30 years even with everyday wear.

This makes this necklace a beautiful and affordable choice to wear with our solid 14 Karat Gold charms and pendants.

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