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OM Cuff Links in Sterling Silver

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Oxidized and Matte Finished
Sterling Silver Flipper Style Cuff Links

OM Cuff Links in Sterling Silver

Oneness | Harmony | All That Is | Alignment

The Om Amulet is hand carved and cast in sterling silver. OM represents the oneness, harmony, and alignment of all that is. "OM" or "AUM" is the sound of the collective vibrational frequency of the entire universe, the divine sound, and is considered the ultimate mantra.The symbol itself represents many triads including the three worlds: earth, atmosphere and heaven, as well as the three divine powers: creation, preservation and transformation. Indian philosophy holds that God first created the sacred sound, OM, and from that sound arose all of existence. The symbol is composed of three sounds, A, U and M, with the final component of the sound being the peaceful silence that exists after the chant. Intoning this powerful mantra quiets and aligns the mind, body and spirit.

These OM cuff links come with a card describing their meaning.

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