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Nordic Compass Guidance and Protection Necklace For Men

  • $85.00

Solid Sterling Silver Amulet 17mm x 25mm
Oxidized and Hand Polished Finish

Nordic Compass Necklace, 24"

Guidance | Clarity | Protection

This Nordic Compass Amulet Necklace is hand made in sterling silver and represents guidance, clarity and protection. This is a perfect graduation gift or gift for someone going travelling.

The symbol is called Vegvisir. It is a Norse symbol worn for guidance and protection. The Icelandic word Vegvisir translates to "guidepost" or direction sign, and is known as a runic compass. Wearing this symbol was thought to give you a clear sense of direction and to keep you on a clear path, even when the road was rough, and the destination unknown.

These amulets come with a card describing its meaning.

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  • Matte Finished
  • Solid Sterling Silver
  • Top ring is 5mm closed with 4mm internal diameter
  • Easily slides onto most chains

FINISH: This piece is shown with our signature brushed matte finish

QUALITY: Each piece of Luxe Design Jewellery is stamped with a trademark stamp and a quality stamp to guarantee authenticity and quality.

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