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Namaste Amulet

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Solid Sterling Silver Amulet 48mm x 9mm
Oxidized and Shiny Finish

Namaste Amulet

Our Namaste Amulet is hand made in sterling silver and represents our connection both to the divine and to each other. It features the word, Namaste written vertically in a calligraphic style Tibetan script on the front, and in English on the back.

Namaste is a customary greeting in India that translates to "I bow to you" and is usually accompanied by the Anjali mudra or Pranamasana gesture (hands together at the heart), while bowing to the other. Together the word and gesture represent the belief that there is a divine spark that lives in every heart, and symbolizes the divinity and connection we all have with each other.

"The divine light in me, acknowledges the divine light in you".

These amulets are sold individually and come with a card describing its meaning.

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