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Lotus Amulet

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Solid Sterling Silver Amulet 18mm x 21mm
Oxidized and Shiny Finish

Lotus Amulet

Rebirth | Purity | Enlightenment | Prosperity | Beauty

The Lotus Amulet is sculpted by hand and cast in sterling silver. It represents rebirth, purity, enlightenment, prosperity and beauty. The lotus is a water lily that emerges from murky water and blooms into a beautiful flower, in a process of three days. The wonder of this process has inspired many cultures. In Ancient Egypt it is a symbol of rebirth. In Buddhist culture it is a symbol of purity and enlightenment. The Buddha is often depicted seated upon a lotus flower. In the Hindu religion the lotus is also revered for it's beauty, and symbolizes purity, enlightenment and prosperity.

These amulets are sold individually and come with a card describing its meaning.

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