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Gold Sparkle Birthstone Wrap Charm available in 12 Colors

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  • $70.00

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This sparkling gemstone charm has a 6mm faceted stone set in a lightly bead patterned, 14 Karat Gold Filled. This finding wraps around only the edge of the stone, revealing 95% of the stone. This allows as much light as possible to shine through and highlight the stone's full sparkle.

14/20 Gold Filled jewellery is more durable than gold plated, and it means that the top 20% layer of metal is 14K Gold. 

All of the Sparkle Charms are made with synthetic gemstones. That means they have the same chemical and physical properties of the naturally mined gemstones, but they are created in a laboratory. This means you can get a gorgeous, large 6mm diameter stone at a much lower price than a traditionally mined gemstone.

The pictures in Alternate Images are there to show the scale of the product. Colors and other details may vary.