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Fairy Skull Charm in Sterling Silver

  • $55.00

Fairy Skull Charm in Solid Sterling Silver

This enchanting pendant is cast from an actual Fairy's skull. All of our Fairy bones are ethically sourced. No Fairies are harmed in the making of our jewellery. We only use pieces that have been foraged in local forests in British Columbia, Canada


Fairies, known for their ethereal beauty and magical allure, symbolize enchantment, transformation, and the hidden wonders of nature. Fairies evoke a sense of whimsy and fantasy. Each piece captures the essence of these mythical beings in solid gold or silver, allowing you to carry their magic with you.

This unusual charm carries the essence of timeless themes:

Mortality and Transcendence: Embrace the duality of life with our Fairy Skull Charm. While it shares the classic association with mortality and the fleeting nature of existence, it also carries a subtle reminder of transcendence. As you wear this charm, it encourages reflection on the impermanence of life, inspiring you to live each moment to the fullest.

Protection and Magic: In folklore, fairies are often associated with magic and protection. When adorned with our Fairy Skull Charm, you carry a piece of this enchanting world with you. In various cultures, skulls have been believed to possess protective qualities. As a talisman, our charm may shield you from negativity and evoke a sense of magical protection.

Rebel Spirit: While traditionally skulls symbolize rebellion, our Fairy Skull Charm adds a touch of fantasy and individuality. It's perfect for those who challenge the norm and embrace their unique identity.

Add a touch of mystery, protection, and rebellion to your jewelry collection with our Fairy Skull Charm. It's not just an accessory; it's a symbol of life's ephemeral beauty and the enchanting possibilities that await.

MEASUREMENTS: 20mm x 12mm x 15mm

FINISH: Choose a hand polished shiny finish or a soft modern matte finish. Learn more about finishes here.

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QUALITY: Each piece of Luxe Design Jewellery is stamped with a trademark stamp and a quality stamp to guarantee authenticity and quality.

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