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Genuine Birthstone Gem Bead Charm in Solid Gold or Sterling Silver

  • $40.00

Genuine Birthstone Charm in solid 14k Gold or Sterling Silver
Size Varies depending on the Birthstone Chosen, shapes are as shown with some variations due to the nature of genuine stones.

Choose your favorite color or a birthstone based on the Month.
Choose from 14 Karat Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold or Sterling Silver

These birthstone charms are made with genuine gemstones as described. The top ring is wrapped with a large enough ring that it will slide over the end of most chains. There is a 3mm diameter opening on the top.

JAN - Garnet 15mm tall, Bead 8mm x 6mm Faceted Oval Bead
FEB - Amethyst 16mm tall, 8mm Diameter Faceted Coin Bead
MAR - Aquamarine 14mm tall, 7mm x 5mm Faceted Oval Bead
APR - Rock Crystal 18mm tall, 12mm x 8mm Faceted Oval Bead
MAY - Emerald Jade 16mm tall, 8mm Diameter Faceted Coin Bead
JUN - Pearl Freshwater 16mm tall, 8mm x 6mm Off White Pearl
JUL - Ruby Jade 16mm tall, 8mm Diameter Faceted Coin Bead
AUG - Peridot 12mm tall, 6mm Diameter Faceted Coin Bead
SEP - Sapphire Blue Agate 16mm tall, 8mm Diameter Faceted Coin Bead
OCT - Pink Jade 16mm tall, 8mm Diameter Faceted Coin Bead
NOV - Citrine 16mm tall, 9mm x 6mm Faceted Oval Bead
DEC - Turquoise Quartz 16mm tall, 8mm Faceted Sphere Bead

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