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14 K Gold Dog Nose Pendant Small, Your Dog's Nose in Gold

  • $650.00

Size Varies based on your dog's nose.
Finished weight approximately 4 grams of 14 Karat gold.
Solid 14 Karat Gold Charm - Oxidized & Matte Finished

14 Karat Gold Personalized Small Dog Nose Impression Pendant
This kit is for a dog nose no bigger than 20mm x 20mm or 3/4" x 3/4". Regardless of the size, we will use the same amount of metal so smaller noses will be a bit thicker and larger noses will be thinner.
Choose 14 Karat Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold.

Your dog's nose has a very detailed and unique print. Like a fingerprint, no two dog noses are alike and this pendant is an exact impression of your own doggie's nose!

Order this kit and we send you the safe, non-toxic compound that you can use to take an impression of your dog's own nose. Complete instructions come with this kit, and we include enough mold compound to take three impressions of your dog's nose.
It takes only a second to take the impression, and the mold compound is safe and mild. Once you take the impression of your dog's nose, you send it back to us and we create a pendant with the exact, detailed impression of your dog's nose! We then return the pendant and the mold to you.

About 4 weeks. The kit leaves our studio in 1-3 business days, and you choose the shipping speed from 1 - 5 days. You take as long as you need to make it, then we collect the mold from you when it is ready and the return shipping to us is from 1-5 days. Once we have the mold in our hands it takes at least 10 business days to make and then return shipping to you takes another 1-5 days. Shipping upgrades are available.

When you order this you get a kit with 3 molds, return shipping both to us for the completed mold, and back to you for the finished pendant, complete instructions, and a 14 Karat Solid Gold replica of your dog's own nose.

You can simply create a lovely keepsake touchstone of your dog, or wear it as a necklace. You may purchase a gold, silver or leather necklace separately, or slide this pendant on an existing chain, it comes with a large jump ring that slides over the end of most chains. We can also add your piece to a stainless steel key chain, a steel coat pin, or create a wood framed keepsake. You can purchase any of these items separately and request that we add your pendant to it. Please fill out any special requests in Additional Comments.

Once we have the impression, we can create as many pieces of your dog nose as you like for an additional fee. We return your mold to you with the finished piece, so if in the future you would like another nose done, you can send us back the mold.

Don't worry, if you really mess it up, you can purchase additional mold compound for $20 for a set of three more tries. We include photos of the best way to do the mold, and usually the first one works great! Don't do a practice one, just go for it!

The results of the pendant are varied, and depend on the mold. The pendants can be flat or stick out, depending on the shape of your dog's nose. We create the piece from your mold, no matter what the shape, but then we shape the dog nose pendant into an oval shape that best highlights the details of the nose. The pendant is a layer of metal that conforms to the mold, and is around 1-2mm thick. The back of the pendant also varies, but we give it a soft, smooth matte finish.

This dog nose impression pendant makes a great conversation piece. This is also great for aging dogs as it makes meaningful dog memorial jewelry and a unique and treasured keepsake.

If you need a larger size, please contact us for a quote. We also create Bronze Dog Nose Print Jewellery and Silver Dog Nose Print Jewelry.

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