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Nordic Prosperity Rune Amulet

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Solid Sterling Silver Amulet 15mm x 18mm
Oxidized and Shiny Finish

Nordic Abundance and Prosperity Amulet

Prosperity | Connection | Protection

Our Nordic Prosperity Rune is hand made in sterling silver and is a symbol for abundance, prosperity, protection and connection. This symbol is based on the old Norse rune Kaupaloki, which was used to invoke prosperity in trade and business. The symbol itself is made by repeating the rune used for protection, the Algiz. Runes are letters from the Runic alphabets, which were used in Northern Europe prior to the adoption of the Latin alphabet. Runes were often used to create magical spells or for divination. The arrangement of this symbol was meant to attract wealth, ward off evil and connect you with the gods. It also protected you, your loved ones and your wealth and power.

These amulets are sold individually and come with a card describing its meaning.

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