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About Personalized Memorial Jewelry

Luxe Design has been making memorial jewelry for more than a decade. Since we launched our Make it Personal line of customized jewelry, people have been creating keepsake memorial necklaces and bracelets to commemorate their lost loved ones.

People can choose to personalize jewelry in memory of a beloved spouse, parent, grandparent, child or animal. Death is an inevitable part of life, but our jewelry is designed to let the wearer create a necklace or bracelet that reminds them of the joy, kindness, and overall life force of their loved one. Creating a precious, personalized gold or silver necklace to celebrate the life of their loved one allows them to create an object that they can keep close and touch any time.

We offer two ways to create your own memorial jewelry. You can choose from our variety of ready to wear personalized memorial jewelry, and simply add your own names or dates. Or design a memorial necklace, bracelet or charm from our selection of Design in Silver or Design in Gold charms, chains and beads.

Popular Memorial Sayings. Some of our best memorials charm sayings are: In Memory Of, Forever in My Heart, Forever in Our Hearts, In Loving Memory, and I Carry Your Heart in My Heart. You can add any of these sayings to our memorial charms so long as they fit. Other ideas for personalized memorial charms are Birth dates and Death dates, and of course names and initials. Our most popular memorial charms are our personalized dove charm, personalized mini angel charm, and personalized kid hand charm.

We offer memorial jewelry in the form of Necklaces, Bracelets, Charms and we also have a guardian angel pin which can be personalized with an initial.

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