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Jewelry Cleaning Kit for Shiny and Matte Finished Sterling Silver and Gold by Luxe Design, Clean tarnish and take care of your fine jewelry.

  • $18.00

Clean tarnish and restore shiny or matte finishes on fine jewelry by Luxe Design.
1 x white ProPolish pad.
1 x yellow Sunshine Polishing Cloth.
1 x pink matte finishing stick.
1 x roll superfine steel wool.

This kit allows you to care for your fine sterling silver jewellery and gold jewellery. Keeping your pieces clean and polished, and storing them out of moisture and air will keep them looking good for many years.

The white pad can turn a dull matte finish into a polished finish, just rub the piece with the cloth. It can be used over and over until it falls apart.

The yellow Sunshine cloth restores a shiny finish while removing tarnish and can be used over and over until it falls apart. Rub the piece using either side of the cloth.

The pink matte finishing stick revitalizes a matte finish and removes tarnish on surfaces. This is ideal for oxidized pieces where the blackening is in the details and you want to restore a soft, matte finish. Use the grey side on flat or gently curved surfaces. For best results, move the stick across the surface in one direction until you like the finish.

The superfine steel wool easily removes surface tarnish while leaving pieces with a soft satin finish. Simply rub the piece with the steel wool. For smaller hard to reach areas, you can also tear small pieces off. It can also be used on chains. Fold the steel wool over a chain and gently pull the chain through. This can also be used on jewelry which can then be highly polished with the white polishing pad for a shinier finish.