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Phoenix Transformation Amulet

  • $34.00

Solid Sterling Silver Amulet 25 mm x 32 mm
Oxidized and Shiny Finish

Phoenix Amulet Necklace 24"

Transformation | Rebirth | Longevity | Renewal

From Greek myth comes the Phoenix, a symbol of transformation, rebirth and longevity. The Phoenix nests in cypress branches in preparation for death. It then bursts into flames and is consumed by the fire. Three days later, the immortal Phoenix rises from the ashes, more powerful than before.

The story of the Phoenix destroying itself and then re-emerging more powerful than before serves as a metaphor for the difficulties in life that we all face from time to time. That is the inspiration behind this pendant. Let this symbol remind you that even though things may seem hopeless, if you can keep moving through it, you will emerge stronger for surviving the experience.

This original amulet is sculpted by hand then cast in sterling silver.

This item comes with a card describing its meaning.

Choose a Shiny Silver Chain or an Oxidized Silver Chain.

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